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Editors, Celebs and Designers 'Oh My!'


I took my fair share of photos during New York Fashion Week this year and am excited to share the rest of them with you now! Instead of uploading all of these photos to the Street Shots page, I decided to put them in a gallery instead (you can click on an image and see it big and scroll through the rest -- there are three pages worth!). There are photos of stylists, editors at major fashion magazines, celebrities and even fashion designers! Take a look and let me know which styles are your favorite! Also, stay tuned for my upcoming article and photo essay about the Rachel Zoe show that I attended on the last day of Fashion Week this year.


Until then, enjoy!




NYFW Street Style Photos



NYFW Street Style Photos

As you very well know, New York Fashion Week has been going strong for a full week now -- and it will be coming to an end tomorrow evening. However, over the last few days I have been out at Lincoln Center taking street style photos of the attendees while also helping out with marketing for the e-commerce site Zaden Row. Whether it's celebrities, magazine editors, bloggers, buyers or just fashionable people hanging around the square -- I shot just about everyone and have amassed a pile of pics to share with you.


I was lucky enough to have a front row opportunity to get up close and personal with fashion's finest and ended up with a collection of styles and trends that you just won't find anywhere else. Over the next few days or so I will be hand-selecting and editing the pictures that I think are the most fashion forward and will slowly share them with you via my Street Shots page. I will also be attending a fashion show on the last night of fashion week, Thursday September 13th, and will post pictures of that as well. (I CAN'T WAIT!)


Please stay tuned and let me know what you think about the photos after I post them. I look forward to seeing what outfits, trends and people you find the most appealing. Until then, here are just a couple photos to wet your appetite.





A Sketch for You


Did you miss me? -- I missed you! It has been quite a while since my last post. Lots of exciting things have happened for me and I hope that more are yet to come! I started a couple new career ventures and have been spending most of my days hard at work. I am so excited with all that I am doing! However, I have neglected my blog and that's just not right. So I finally have worked some time into my schedule to devote to my posts. To start us off, here is a sketch I did earlier this week. I was inspired by a couple different fall jeans spreads I saw in a magazine. I chose to use warm autumn tones and I think it turned out well. I changed the coloring and had some fun with it -- I love using colored pencils! They give such a great texture -- especially in this case.

Please tell me what you think and stay posted for more updates and photos coming this weekend!


All the best,



My Favorite Sunglasses of the Summer


Eye see you...