Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 8:49PM
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Surfing the net and coming across fashion blogs is a big part of staying up to date and inspired. I am always finding and stumbling upon new and interesting fashion blogs. Every so often I will create a post like this one that summarizes and links to fashion blogs that I have recently found and enjoyed. Even though there is a constant stream of blogs on the net, I have yet to find two that are the same - and I think that is what is so interesting about the fashion blog 'community.'

Here are a couple blogs that I've been intrigued by this week´╗┐:

Citizen Couture is a truly breathtaking site. It is full of pictures of extremely fashionable people from all over the globe. In my opinion, Citizen Couture is similar to something like the Sartorialist, but instead of just a blogspot blog, it is an all-encompassing website. The blog was started by a freelance photographer in 2009, so the site is fairly new. The photos on Citizen Couture are of fashion professionals and/or random people at fashion events, shows and gatherings from around the world. And what I also love about this site is that almost every picture taken has a caption with the person's name and profession underneath it. So you can put a name to a face and see just what the 'fashion editor at Vogue Italia' is wearing to a Paris fashion show. If you are searching for inspiration and some of the most stunning photos of fashionistas found on the street, this is worth checking out!


It Looks Good to Me is another fashion blog that I have actually been following for quite some time. This blog doesn't just cover fashion, but also design, food, art and many other little categories. Started by a textile designer from Brooklyn, It Looks Good to Me has a great following and is a very well put together website. Since the author, Caroline, is an artist/illustrator, she is constantly creating artwork for the blog, and she even has a 'print shop' where you can purchase her work. I find her's to be a very unique style, and I like the personality that she gives to the site. Coupled with her own illustrations, photographs and writings about fashion and style trends in New York City, this blog is one of my favorites!



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