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Down to business.

Success! The blog is up and running, and amandavogt.com is now in full swing, hah.

I think I should kick-start my blog with giving a quick overview of New York Fashion Week. To do this I will touch on my favorites from s/s 2011.

*All photos used are from Style.com

 Obviously, Marc Jacobs. His line was captivating and colorful. I think it was reminiscent of the glamour of the 70s, and he really captured that era well while also making it relevant. I really liked the oversized hats and all the accessories. The floral touches pulled the colors together well too. It seems like he can do no wrong!





I also fell in love with Marchesa! The dresses were absolutely gorgeous, like fine works of art. The level of craftsmanship was out of control and the effect was almost surreal. Some dresses were sculpted, others beaded and a few looked like they had been painted on. I also loved the color tones and all of the detail that went into every single piece. I seriously loved every look in the collection, but here are a few standouts.












Thirdly, I chose DVF. The use of pattern and saturated color worked so extremely well together. I truly loved the perfectly circular sunglasses and the color coordinated shoes. All of the pieces fit the models well and looked so effortless. The layering was just right, and I even enjoyed the v-neck and hood combination. Overall, the collection was very strong and well connected.












Lastly, I would have to say that Proenza Schouler would also be a highlight. Their play on bright colors (green, yellow, coral) with black overlay, texture and exposed undergarments was a hit as far as I'm concerned. I loved their jackets and skirts, but I also liked their dresses and flowing fabrics. The bib necklaces and messy-chic hair were just icing on the cake as the collection was both impeccable and unexpected.


Reader Comments (3)

Well done, Amanda. I will post to my Favorites and check on it every day!

September 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLori

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