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Videos galore

Below is an example of a high quality 'behind the scenes' video of a July 2010 Terry Richardson shoot for W Magazine. W Magazine has made some really interesting advances in the way they connect with their audience via their website. Not only do they have written content, blogs and loads of photos, they also have many high quality videos. Some of the videos posted on the site are actually directed specifically for the site, while others are behind the scenes shots of photo shoots and screen tests. They have quite the archive going, with different categories consisting of fashion, art, runway and celebrities. The videos are free on W's website so that anyone can access them.

The behind the scenes videos on W's website are very well put together, often layered with music and text. I like the different aspect that the videos give to photo shoots. And after seeing the fashion spreads in the magazine for myself, I really appreciate seeing the video that was filmed along with them. I think it's an interesting idea that W pulls off so well. The other videos that are directed give another angle of perspective. These videos add an element of, and appreciation for, art that would otherwise not come across in their print magazine alone. Here is an example of one of these directed films, shot by well-known artist Alex Prager. It is currently featured on the home page of W's website.

I think that other magazines could take a cue from W and come up with related video content like they do. This is yet another way that magazines can utilize the internet while also giving their readers more in-depth content. It's a seamless way to connect print with digital and take readers along for the ride. Plus, these videos entice readers because they are free and because they give readers the feeling of being "insiders." By creating this new channel of consumption, W Magazine has really stepped ahead of other fashionable competitors.


Back to the drawing board

Nowness is a website that compiles interesting stories, photos, videos and other multimedia all in one place. The website's tagline is "daily exclusives for you to love," which I think sums up its mission pretty well. I often visit the site to watch videos and look through photos and, mainly, to gain inspiration. Their specific in-depth pieces are both interesting and informative. And in my opinion, the way in which the website presents its material is quite a unique platform. Recently, an entry from the beginning of September really caught my interest. It is titled, "Back to the drawing board," and it is a slideshow that consists of some text and photos of many different fashion designers' sketchbooks. According to Nowness, Hywel Davies "has compiled Fashion Designers’ Sketchbooks, a 208-page tome that collects the wonderfully revealing scrawls and illustrations of 50 top-flight fashion designers." The images on their website were taken from Davies' book (which came out September 29th). I found the images very intriguing and also inspiring. Being someone that comes from a designing background, I truly appreciate what Davies is trying to do and like to see how other designers go about their own creative process. I think it would be very beneficial to read his book and see all of the photos from the different designers, as the book includes some of the top names in the industry. The characteristics, colors and textures of the photos on Nowness completely pulled me in and made me want to take a closer look at Davies' book. Which designer's sketching style speaks to you?


Red locks

Not only do I adore Rihanna's outfit in this photo, I also love her red locks. I have been supportive of her short hair, but I must admit that I really like her fiery red aesthetic - especially when it is a little longer than usual. I like the fact that Rihanna isn't afraid to venture outside of the box when it comes to fashion or her hair. And, for the most part, I think the risks she has taken have been rewarded. The colors in this specific look are a spectacular combo, the purple and orange work well with her loud hair color. The golden shoes, earrings and accessories keep the look chic, even though the pieces she is wearing are quite simple [except for their color]. According to Vogue.com the top is Maria Luisa, the pants are Cacharel, and the shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti. This is a seamless, simple and chic ensemble that allows Rihanna's hair to still take center stage without getting too crazy - I'm a fan.


Crystal creatures

I absolutely LOVE animals, and I LOVE jewelry. The only thing better than either of those would be a combination of the two - animal jewelry. And Hanna Bernhard creates just that... hand crafted rhinestone jewelry made in the shapes and forms of every kind of animal you could think of. While I had known about Hanna Bernhard jewelry for a while, I recently saw that another blog, Sea of Shoes, had interviewed the designer and put up some awesome pictures of the jewelry on her site. My favorite piece out of all of the photos posted was this snake necklace. Although I'm not quite sure how much it costs, it is absolutely to DIE for. I love how over the top it is, while also looking lifelike. The crystal embellishment creates a very rich and almost antique feeling, as if the necklace was unearthed from a thousand year old tomb. And the fact that the necklace doesn't completely connect in a full circle is also what makes it stand out to me. I think that this snake necklace would be an amazing accessory to have, and certainly a one of a kind treasure. Hanna Bernhard jewelry has been featured in numerous magazine and collections around the world. And while they sell jewelry on their website, it is hard to snatch up a piece quick enough before it is sold!

[Photos used from SeaofShoes.com]



While spending endless hours surfing the net this weekend, I randomly stumbled upon an intriguing site. Wikifashion.com is a wiki that has been created to encompass any and all fashion related things. The site describes itself as, "a project created for and by the fashion community. It is where you can find and catalogue anything fashion related, such as blogs, style icons, brands and magazines." And according to the web site's 'About' section...

  Wikifashion is a way for fashion lovers to catalogue brands, designers, fashion shows and all things fashion in a highly effective and collaborative way. Wikifashion will allow fashion lovers and designers alike to update clothing from season to season and to enable access to the most up-to-date information on fashion.

All members of the fashion community- from fashion lovers to designers are encouraged to contribute and edit content.

I have seen and read a few other wikis before, but I was impressed to find one that dealt solely with fashion. And what you might find most interesting about the site is that they want you to sign up, create an account and help them to contribute and/or edit existing articles. They already have a good start, but one can only imagine how massive and useful this wiki could turn out to be! Most of the information out on the web that pertains to fashion has only to do with designers and their lines. Otherwise, you must personally wade through thousands, even millions of fashion-related sites until you find something - a blog, magazine, writer, stylist, celebrity - that specifically speaks to you. Indexing and compiling fashion information, knowledge and web sites is a brilliant idea in my opinion.

Wikifashion also makes it easy to spread the word about their site. They encourage contributers, and the general public, to help promote the site by making badges that people can post on their own web sites. And at the top of the site they encourage readers to "do their part" and help them to build and expand the site. After doing a little reading, I discovered that Wikifashion is a private venture that is completely volunteer based. And while the site may look a little sparse right now, I think that it has exponential potential. More content coupled with a better, more comprehensible website design would really improve the website. I'm sure that the more contributers and editors they recruit to help out, the better the site will become!

If you think you have anything to contribute to the site or would just like to check it out for yourself, click on one of the badges below.