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Late Night Sketches

Last week I bought a few new art supplies, and so I have been putting them to good use. Pens, pencils, sketch books and the like are currently strewn about my room. I also bought one of my favorite mediums to work with, which is ink. It gives you a certain freedom when you use it and for some reason it just seems to click with me.


Tonight I did an inked sketch of a woman in a ball gown. It's just a quick rendering but I think it turned out nicely! You can look at a couple different photos of the sketch by scrolling to the bottom of my Illustrations page. I should be adding more images of what I've been working on within the week so keep an eye out! What do you think of this latest piece? [I should also note that all of my artwork is for sale, price upon request. All you need to do is contact me via email.]




If my previous 'Neon Nation' post and regular neon nail instagram photos didn't already give it away -- it's safe to say that I love neons. I will admit that I have always held neon hues in a special place in my heart, and this spring and summer have given me a reason to overindulge! Whether you like solid neon nails, the fourth finger contrast look, neon tips, neons + nudes or neon nail art : the options are truly unlimited! With neons trending in all areas of fashion and beauty, I am sure you are not oblivious to this theme. However, I felt it was necessary to share with you my personal favorite neon nail shades for Summer 2012. Luckily for me, and you, just about every major beauty company is spewing out neon lacquers this season. This means that hunting for that perfect shade won't be hard at all. I put together this color wheel of my Top 12 Picks from brands across the board. I've only chosen shades from American Apparel, Sally Hansen, OPI, Sephora, Essie and Deborah Lippmann -- but that doesn't mean you can't also find shades from other brands as well. If you have any other favorites you'd like to recommend please let me know in the comments below. I would love nothing more than to add a few more bottles to my collection!



Clockwise from Top: American Apparel//Neon Green, American Apparel//Neon Yellow, Deborah Lippmann//Yellow Brick Road, Essie//Bazooka, American Apparel//Neon Orange, American Apparel//Neon Red, Essie//Camera, Essie//Lights, Sally Hansen//Twisted Pink, Sephora OPI//It's My Pink, Deborah Lippmann//Between the Sheets, OPI//No Room for the Blues



Classically Chic Collage


Classically Chic




Back in May, I took a photo of a girl with great style that I found walking around SoHo. I titled her look 'Classically Chic.' (Click HERE to see her photo again.) Above is a breakdown of all the different pieces of her look. I found them on Polyvore and put together a collage for you using my account. Although I'm not sure exactly what the brand of all her clothes were I found some really great options that are as close as you can get.


  1. - Chalayan Blouse
  2. - 3.1 Phillip Lim Pants
  3. - Barney's Co-Op Sandal
  4. - Baroque Sunglasses (similar to Prada)
  5. - Hermes Birkin Bag


Click on any of the items above to shop them for yourself. In the future when I take photos for Street Shots I will do at least one of these collages per week so that you can duplicate the chosen look for yourself.


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Signing up is really easy! Just type your email in the box, hit 'subscribe' and click the link that is sent to your email to confirm! I'm extremely excited about this new feature as it will be a great way to keep in contact with all of my readers. And don't worry -- I promise not to send you any unnecessary junk! (Spam mail is one of my least favorite things...)


So join the list today and be sure to let me know if you run into any problems. If you do, please comment below and I will help you out right away.


All the best,



Street Shots 

 As promised, I just added another round of Street Shots. I took these photos late this week in midtown. Most of which were along 35th st. between Madison and 7th Ave. Check them out HERE! Here is a photo of a great 'Modern Mad Men' look. I love the mix of classic eyewear and dress silhouette combined with loud colors and bright pink shoes.