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Maxed out Maxis



Mother's Day, Memorial Day weekend and some beautiful summer days have had me a bit preoccupied over the last few weeks. But now I'm back in action -- with a vengeance! Between some new street shots coming at the end of this week, a Stumble-og post in the works and some great new sketches to feast your eyes on, the future forecast for the site is looking pretty sweet. So please stay tuned in the upcoming days!


Now on to my latest love affair -- the maxi skirt. The sheer, billowy and feminine silhouettes created by the maxi is quite unique and absolutely lovely when you pull it off correctly. Alas, I know what you're thinking: "Sure, maxi skirts are pretty, but they only look good on certain people," "it's been overdone" or "it was a better idea in my head than trying it in reality." All of these are valid concerns, but I believe I've found a few great maxi skirt options that will work for just about anyone.


Recently I was on a journey to seek out maxi skirts to add to my personal summer wardrobe. I kept seeing the trend popping up all over and could not resist it any longer. My biggest obstacle was to overcome my height. I was worried it would be next to impossible to pull of any maxi skirt because I stand at a mere 5'1'' (maybe 5'2'' on a really good day). Nevertheless, I succeeded -- and you can too. The key is paying attention to the length, the hem, the fabric and fit of the skirt. On top of that it's figuring out what kind of skirt you want. There's the regular, non-pleated/non-gathered skirt. The asymmetrical hem version. A pleated maxi, or a gathered maxi. And a sheer or doubled skirt.


My advice is to try and find a few different styles that you can wear differently and see which look best on you. As a general rule of thumb I'd say that the non-pleated style looks best on tall and thin frames. Whereas the pleated and gathered styles will look good on just about everybody because they create a silhouette all their own. An asymmetrical hem is cute and flirty -- just be careful you don't buy one where the front of the skirt is disproportionately shorter than the back because you will either end up looking straight out of the 80's or like the Little Mermaid gone wrong. HINT: too much fabric in the back is not a great idea when it starts to look like a tail... And lastly, the sheer or see-through option. The only problematic part about trying out this style is that you have to have (or buy) another skirt, slip or miniskirt to wear underneath. Sometimes a short liner will be sewn in, but often times it won't be. You can always just wear it to the beach or pool over a swim suit as a classy cover up option or over a body suit/leotard -- this is especially cute as vacation/resort wear.


After you've chosen your skirt, you've got to figure out the footwear. But when it comes to shoes, just about anything summery will do. You can also use your shoes to dress up the look or dress it down. Pair your skirt with oxfords for a casual day look. A cute pair of sandals in matching shades or neon hues is a great way to let color peek out from underneath the skirt. If you find one that's a couple inches too long for you, just throw on a pair of killer wedges to balance it out and add some height! This is also a good thing to keep in mind while out shopping. If you find THE skirt but it's just a bit too long, your shoes can help create ways around that! Another tip -- don't let your skirt drag in front of or behind you. Not only does it make it hard to walk, but it can also fray the end of your skirt and dirty it from dragging it along the street. (Unless of course you don't mind hiking up the hem and carrying it up when you walk -- then go right ahead!)


I pulled a few of my favorite finds above. This should give you a good example of different styles, colors and patterns to choose from. The stores that I had the most luck in were Zara, ASOS, American Apparel and Bloomingdale's -- but feel free to look elsewhere! Check each style out for yourself and see what suits you best! I promise that a good maxi skirt (or two) will become a staple in your summer wardrobe this year. So don't fear all the fabric -- just have fun with it!


Street Shots

I am very excited and pleased to announce the addition of a new section on my blog today called: Street Shots. This was long in the making and I am very proud to see it fully come to fruition. Within this section of my site I will be posting photos of fashionable people that I find on the streets of New York City. Sometimes I will just take photos for inspiration and general trend reporting, and other times I will try to specifically document a few major pieces that people are wearing.


Today we start off with a diverse collection of fashion forward people that I stumbled upon down in SoHo. I spent all Sunday afternoon walking the boutique-filled, cobblestone streets of one of Manhattan's most fashionable parts of town, seeking out well-dressed men and women. I am delighted with the shots and great outfits I found and am excited to share them with you and read all of your feedback. I hope these photos will inspire you as much as they have inspired me!


Street Shots will become a weekly regular at AmandaVogt.com. As such, I will travel to different parts of the city to spot trends and fashion savvy people that I come across and post them within this new section -- So be on the lookout!


All the best,





That's right folks! I was finally able to download Instagram onto my Android phone the other week and I am having a ball. If you have Instagram, you should definitely follow me! [Just search for amandavogt] I may have just started posting photos, but I am on a roll! My favorite photo subjects thus far have been my painted nails, the city around me, fashionable friends, people on the street and anything else that catches my fancy. If you follow me, I will follow you back! I love seeing everyone's pictures. Until you get around to adding me.... here are a few of my latest photos.


P.S. Be on the lookout for a new addition to the website. I'd like to get things going by this coming weekend, but if not, then definitely the next weekend after!





Gold in Bloom

If you hadn't noticed yet, gold jewelry is back in fashion in a huge way. In the past I had favored silver or white gold, but recently that has all changed. I have personally found myself radiating to all kinds of golden jewelry over the last few months and have come up with quite a collection. Whether it's chunky gold bracelets, rose gold watches or little delicate flaxen treasures, there are so many ways to successfully sport this trend. 


Long story short, I decided to do a mini photo shoot with some of my most favorite finds, hidden within the blooms of our rooftop garden. Since this trend will be all over this spring and summer, I thought it appropriate to use a background full of flora. Hopefully these pieces will inspire you to jump on the gold-accessory-bandwagon too! Below, I have listed where I bought all of my gold jewelry. Although most of the pieces were random finds, you can always look for something that is similar in style in a store near you, or perhaps even online. [You can also view these photos in a gallery by clicking here.]



1. leather studded bracelet - street vendor in SoHo 2. stone neclace - ann taylor 3. button bracelet - vintage shop in Athens, Ohio 4. egyptian ring - Houston, Texas 5. black ring - mall in Columbus, Ohio 6. & 7. chunky gold bracelets - vendor in midtown Manhattan 8. whistle and watch necklaces - vintage store in Columbus, OH called Cinda-Lou 9. winged necklace - street vendor in SoHo 10. zipper necklace - vintage store in Columbus, OH called Cinda-Lou 11. watch necklace (see above) 12. plastic and gold bracelet - art gallery in Columbus Circle 13. utilitarian bracelet - Madewell 14. 'flute' shaped necklace - Madewell 15. rose gold studded watch - Macy's





I apologize for being so MIA the last couple of weeks, but my life has been extremely busy. I made a big move and also started a new work endeavor, so things have been hectic to say the least! I really couldn't find time to post anything, so please accept my sincerest apologies for that. However, here are a few photos [which I will upload to my photos section as well] from the rooftop of the building I am currently staying in in NYC -- pretty breathtaking! And please look for another new post tomorrow!


Until then -- all the best,