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Neon Nation

This spring is one of the most colorful we have had in a while. With bright color trends, full of neons and other bold hues, there are a lot of great colors to work with. The leader in all things color, Pantone has their own Spring 2012 Color Report with shades such as: Tangerine Tango, Solar Power, Cockatoo and Cabaret just to name a few. And while these are some of the major colors we are seeing in stores everywhere this season, I think the most important trend is neons. And this look is especially brilliant when paired with neutrals, nudes or black and white. But you can also try wearing neons from head to toe for a all-out BOLD twist. Whether it's flourescent yellow, vivacious purple, fruity citron, neon pink, electric blue, kelly green, royal blue or construction cone orange, these show-stopping colors are making a huge impact on our springtime wardrobes.


I did a few little collages below to highlight some of my favorite neon finds that are in stores right now. [Just click on the corresponding number below to be taken to the item's website!] Whether it's a nail color, statement necklace, sandals, accessories, shirts, pants, skirts or dresses -- be sure to incorporate these fun-loving neons into your spring wardrobe. Not only will you be right on trend, you will also bring some bright pops of color into your day. {Also >> If you want some more neon inspiration, you can always visit my Pinterest page for more images! I've been posting a lot of neons lately!}


ONE TWO THREE : all three are from j. crew

FOUR : ciccio from madewell FIVE : minoux skyline necklace SIX : nails from new york magazine

SEVEN : jessica simpson sandals EIGHT : ann taylor blouse NINE : cambridge satchel company


Rapunzel, rapunzel...

Lately, there has been a huge surge of braids (or 'plaits') all over the runways and across the web. From high-end designers to the pin boards of Pinterest, these classic hairstyles are making a big splash. While braids have always been a good go-to hairstyle for warm weather, they have become a huge trend this year and I think will continue to be a major style throughout the spring and summer. From perfect braids, to messy braids, long braids, intricate braids or braided up-dos, the options seem to be limitless. BellaSugar did a story on Fashion Week messy braids from designers like Ann Yee to Creatures of the Wind. The story spotlights braids that spiral around the models' entire head, low ponytail braids, upside down braids, criss-cross 'headband' braids and messy braided chignons.


Aside from the runways, braided 'how-tos' and artsy pics have been bursting all over the internet on sites like Pinterest and on numerous fashion blogs. So I figured that I would pick my favorites and try to replicate them myself. [Either with my own hair or with my model's hair.] Below are the braids that I've done and the inspiration photo that I worked from -- ENJOY!


 **Also, if you want to learn how to do any of the below braids, just click on the name of the braid to link to a step-by-step tutorial. I did some searching and found videos that I thought were the most helpful and straightforward. Or you can always search the name of the braid in YouTube and thousands of step-by-step tutorials will pop up! But if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to comment below with your questions and I will help you out the best I can.


[TIP: For messy braids, you can run your hands over the braid and/or pull out random strands to give it a tousled look.]

















THE MODIFIED WATERFALL BRAID (there are many different ways to end this braid)




REGULAR REVERSE FRENCH BRAID [with invisible bobby pin end]



























Pompadour Parade

There were a lot of interesting hairstyles present last week at the Grammy's. But one specific style stood out among the rest -- the POMPADOUR. This got me thinking; did anybody else notice the abundance of pompadours at the Grammy's this year? Because I certainly did! And while some of them were a success, not all were. (Especially one colored in blue.) Here's just a few photos of the best and the worst from the Grammy's. And I even found a tutorial on how to re-create Alicia Keys' awesome, upside down french braided look. I personally felt that both Alicia and Bruno really pulled this look off successfully. Alicia in a more modernized and sleek way, and Bruno in a sophisticated, throw-back way... However, I thought that Katy's was just too gimicky and not nearly as impressive as the other two. Not to mention when she let her hair down later in the show into a weird, crimpy mess.

[Below are photos of Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.]





Of course you are all most likely aware of Pinterest by now, but I just finally got an account started for myself. Although I knew about the site since spring 2010, I didn't feel like setting up my own page just yet. Plus no one else I knew was really into it at the time. However, I've found that it's a great way to collect all of your inspirational images and display them in one place. Not to mention you might lend some inspiration to other people in the process. Whether you are looking at the latest fashion trends, admiring fashion editorials or just browsing through art, there's really nothing quite like it. So, since I've decided to take this on, I'm going to change up the layout of AmandaVogt.com. Since I have Pinterest page based solely on inspirational (mainly fashion) images, I am going to get rid of that section on my website and instead have a portfolio page with examples of my work, writings and other published articles. This way I can make the most out of the space I have here, and also see what inspires you all. I linked my blog to my Pinterest account from the main page of AmandaVogt.com for easy access. So in case you are wondering where my inspirational images went, now you know! And be sure to check out my Pinterest page, and follow me if you have an account of your own. [If you don't, I highly suggest you start one up!]



This article is long overdue, as I have been a big supporter of SERGIO + JAMES for quite a while now... A blend of the designers' names, Sergio Wonder and James Field, SERGIO + JAMES is an up and coming fashion line that is dedicated to superior craftsmanship and high quality. This label is the "brainchild" of the two designers, who had a chance meeting back in 2010 and haven't looked back since.


In my opinion, these two young men have come up with some very creative ideas, and have successfully and strategically marketed their designs to both men and women through their impeccable website. [The introduction to which is a video highlighting all of their signature jewelry and accessory pieces.] Currently consisting of bracelets, brooches, belt loops and necklaces, the distinct look of SERGIO + JAMES is hard to miss. And most pieces are available in black, red and natural colors. "Hand sanded, hand painted and hand glossed," describes most of the line and the wooden 'Jo' pendant that is a motif seen throughout the collection. It even appears in the design of their logo. By visiting their website, you can also access SERGIO + JAMES' online shop. Here, all of the pieces are available to purchase at prices affordable for 'real people.'


I highly recommend paying close attention to this duo, as they are sure to continue rising through the industry ranks. Although, keeping track of them shouldn't be too hard, as you can always catch up with them via their YouTube channel where they regularly upload video updates.