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I've recently come across an accessory that I never really knew existed, or at least not in this form -- the ear cuff. Or, more specifically, the 'behind the ear cuff.' In loo of regular earrings, multiple piercings, clip-ons or even feather hair extensions, this alternative can really create some drama and interest in your everyday look.


Not to be confused with the 80s/90s punk-inspired, literal ear cuff (that looks like it clips onto your ear) these kind of behind the ear cuffs are shaped like a half heart, made from metal and usually have hanging embellishments that are attached on the end. The heart shaped part fits right behind your ear lobe and hangs, basically hidden, behind the ear. The effect is quite stunning, and even looks as though the earring is floating behind your lobe instead of poking through it. These embellishments may come in the form of metal, jewels, spikes, charms or feathers. Although I suppose the options are limitless. Depending on the size, length and number of things hanging from the cuff, the effect can be more subtle or over the top. And I'd suggest wearing a more subtle, shorter and more delicate cuff during the day or to work, versus a bigger, longer, more colorful cuff at night or to go out. [But be sure not to wear more than one cuff at a time, otherwise it can be too much of a good thing.]


I've taken the liberty of hunting down some of my favorite examples of these ear cuffs for you. I encourage you to click on the photos, as they all link to the site where you can buy that particular cuff. Most of the styles I've come across were found on Etsy, Francesca's or ShopJeen.com.




B Magazine

A friend and I started up a fashion magazine a few months ago as an independent project while we were finishing up our last couple quarters in college. We worked with graphic designers, photographers, writers and models to create our publication - B Magazine. We came up with photo shoots and story ideas revolving around fashion and did our best to be as creative as possible. It was finally completed and uploaded today and I am very pleased to share it with you all. Click on the photo below to flip through a preview of the magazine digitally, and be sure to give us any feedback you may have! You can also purchase a digital or print copy for yourself at Magcloud.com


Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did! I was lucky enough to spend it visiting my family down in Houston, Texas. I just got back home the other day and have been quite busy catching up. But I am glad to be back up north, enjoying the colder weather, snow and my layered clothing options. [Not to mention I can wear all my boots too!] Within the next few days I will be posting about some of my favorite winter fashions and letting you know where you can find them for yourself. Until then, keep warm and stay posted.





I haven't really discussed any other fashion blogs in quite some time, so I figured I should go ahead and review one of my new-found favorites! Perhaps something the internet, and the fashion world in general, is lacking is an emphasis on men's fashion. I know that a lot of people don't tend to put much, if any, stock into men's clothing, or think that fashion and trend setting is strictly for women -- but this could not be further from the truth. And no one does a better job of celebrating men's international street wear than 'Men in this Town' -- "a street style journal profiling men with a distinct look in their natural habitat," created by designer/photographer Giuseppe Santamaria.


I often find myself getting lost for large sums of time perusing through page after page of Santamaria's impeccable photographs. Originally from Toronto, the talented Santamaria now lives in Sydney and takes photos of men on the street that he comes across on his travels wearing some very exceptional outfits. He also shoots videos and even interviews men from time to time to ask them specifically about what they are wearing and why [a link to one of my favorite videos is below]. All of the content on his blog is stunning and fashionably intriguing, and truly allows you to appreciate good men's wear when you see it! I highly advise you to check out this blog and keep it in your favorites, as you never know where Santamaria will be or what handsomely dressed man will appear on his blog next...


VIDEO: Andrew -- Shoemaker from Paddington







"Colour and texture in Chelsea." via http://www.meninthistown.com/ 


Glasses Galore

Recently, I have started watching FOX's 'New Girl.' And, while I am a new found fan of the show, I am an even bigger fan of the glasses that Zooey Deschanel wears on it. The show is very funny and well written, but I couldn't help but notice Deschanel's glasses and how perfect they were for her and her character. The shape, style and color are reminiscent of a pair of Ray Ban's that I own, but they are somehow more petite and sleek. They are oversized and hipster-esque, but are also more refined and warm.

Apparently I wasn't the only one that noticed, as the glasses themselves have created quite a following of their own. On FOX's website for the show, there is even a link on the right hand side of the page that let's you purchase a pair for yourself. As delighted as I was to find this link, I was also a little let down after seeing the price tag. The glasses, Wacks51 Cocobolo, are made by Oliver Peoples and come to a total of 285 big ones. But alas, a girl can dream can't she? And besides... Christmas is right around the corner! [That was a hint, Mom.]