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Oh, the holidays...

Hello all! I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! I apologize for the absence of posts lately, but things have been quite busy with family, traveling and work this last week. I will, however, be returning back to normal postings this week, and they will probably be more frequent than ever!

Until then, stay warm and be sure to check back soon!




Lack of fashion at AMA's

What did you think about the overall fashions at the American Music Awards tonight? I must admit that I wasn't all that impressed. While this isn't the most formal of all the award shows, it is still an opportunity to have fun with your outfit and get creative with your clothes. I thought most of the stage outfits especially were somewhat cheesy and the artists in the audience didn't do much for me either. I saw a lot of short black/white dresses on the red carpet, nothing special. I wonder why everyone looked so bland? Perhaps it had to do with the absence of Gaga?

If you think differently, give me your top choices for the show. Perhaps I have overlooked a few well-dressed people...?


Q&A with Maria Teresa Sampedro







Maria Teresa Sampedro is currently a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She will be graduating in December 2010 with her BA in International Trade and Marketing. However, Maria is a very busy person outside of school. She is a Consultant in Training and Coordinator at the New York office for a prominent fashion forecasting company based in Paris and is the Managing Editor for Serial Magazine - which will debut its first issue in January 2011. Maria spoke with me via Skype last evening as I interviewed her about her work, her future and the fashion trends for Spring 2011.

ALV: So Maria, what all does your job entail?

MTS: I specialize in youth culture fashion and beauty trends, specifically what's going on within youth subcultures. I have to be aware of and up to date on trends related to fashion, design, music etc. and then relay and interpret those trends to our clients. Each client needs to use those trends in different ways, so I help to tailor specific trends to all of our different customers. I also speak fluent Spanish, so I sometimes work with clients specifically from South America and Central America as well.

ALV: What do you see happening with the Spring 2011 fashion trends?

MTS: We will be seeing more of the 'return to basic/heritage' story that we have been, along with a mix of late 90s 'raver' glam but with less grunge. There will be a lot of futuristic shapes and silhouettes with natural fabrications and tones; and poppy will be a major color for the season.

ALV: What about street style?

MTS: The 'dandy' look will continue but with a softer, more minimal touch. Think: thin oxfords and penny loafers, pastel cardigans, pony-tails, wooden clogs, high-water pants (for men and women), mismatched patterns, happy socks and cat eye sunglasses. There will also be a counter trend that involves late 90s grunge.

ALV: After you graduate, where and what do you think you will be doing?

MTS: I will be staying at my current company and will continue to grow with the company and with Serial Magazine. Later on I also see myself taking a break and moving to Paris for a while. In the future I will probably be doing branding for record labels or working more with youth trends... I have lots of ideas!

Follow Maria on Twitter and check out her blog.

Maria described her 'dream outfit' for Spring 2011 to me. My illustration of that outfit is below.

Maria's wish list:

 - white cat eye glasses

- blue and poppy floral cardigan

- smiley face 90s T-shirt

- pink, green, yellow striped skirt

- happy ruffle socks

- brown leather peep toe wooden clogs



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