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I loved these combinations from the August Issue of Marie Claire! The furs layered with vests and paired with skinny jeans and wedge booties are perfect for this fall. My favorite look is the one the model is wearing, but the other options work well too. The way that all of the outfits are cinched in at the waist keeps the looks girly even through all of the fluff. The 'native' accessories also add to the look, with leather, metal and turquoise adding dimension and a bit of glitz. If you aren't a fan of real fur, you could always substitute with fauz fur instead and still get a similar look. This rough and tumble 'wild woman' exterior is only added to when worn with denim button downs. I think we will continue to see a lot of this look through out the winter as well.


New images uploaded to my inspiration page.


Budding beauty

This photo story was part of the November Issue of Marie Claire. It is based around starlette Emma Roberts and I thought the creative direction was brilliant. I really loved the setting and locations for the shoot. I also liked the filters that were used through out, it is sort of a drained, slightly sepia tone. The clothing choices used were perfect for Emma, and the accessories were all so unique. The shoot was young while also being sophisticated and chic, and the two page opening spread pictured above was my favorite. Did you see this spread in Marie Claire?



I drew this sketch today to mark the first day that I was able to scan and upload my artwork to my amandavogt.com. Now on the 'artwork' page you will be able to find and view my personal sketches, doodles and illustrations along with my personal photos. This is just a small taste of what's to come! I'm so excited to share my work with you all.






Well, I have finally added on the last section of my website, entitled 'inspiration.' Here I will post photos, art and collages of different images and items that I find to be personally inspiring or creative to me. Basically, I will use images I find in books, magazines, the internet, etc. to share with you. Everyone needs a little inspiration, and so I decided to create this new page to visually display my own inspirations and muses. To the right is just one example of a collage from a notebook of mine that inspires me. Images were taken from fashion magazines I had lying around. Enjoy!