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Pompadour Parade

There were a lot of interesting hairstyles present last week at the Grammy's. But one specific style stood out among the rest -- the POMPADOUR. This got me thinking; did anybody else notice the abundance of pompadours at the Grammy's this year? Because I certainly did! And while some of them were a success, not all were. (Especially one colored in blue.) Here's just a few photos of the best and the worst from the Grammy's. And I even found a tutorial on how to re-create Alicia Keys' awesome, upside down french braided look. I personally felt that both Alicia and Bruno really pulled this look off successfully. Alicia in a more modernized and sleek way, and Bruno in a sophisticated, throw-back way... However, I thought that Katy's was just too gimicky and not nearly as impressive as the other two. Not to mention when she let her hair down later in the show into a weird, crimpy mess.

[Below are photos of Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.]