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I've recently come across an accessory that I never really knew existed, or at least not in this form -- the ear cuff. Or, more specifically, the 'behind the ear cuff.' In loo of regular earrings, multiple piercings, clip-ons or even feather hair extensions, this alternative can really create some drama and interest in your everyday look.


Not to be confused with the 80s/90s punk-inspired, literal ear cuff (that looks like it clips onto your ear) these kind of behind the ear cuffs are shaped like a half heart, made from metal and usually have hanging embellishments that are attached on the end. The heart shaped part fits right behind your ear lobe and hangs, basically hidden, behind the ear. The effect is quite stunning, and even looks as though the earring is floating behind your lobe instead of poking through it. These embellishments may come in the form of metal, jewels, spikes, charms or feathers. Although I suppose the options are limitless. Depending on the size, length and number of things hanging from the cuff, the effect can be more subtle or over the top. And I'd suggest wearing a more subtle, shorter and more delicate cuff during the day or to work, versus a bigger, longer, more colorful cuff at night or to go out. [But be sure not to wear more than one cuff at a time, otherwise it can be too much of a good thing.]


I've taken the liberty of hunting down some of my favorite examples of these ear cuffs for you. I encourage you to click on the photos, as they all link to the site where you can buy that particular cuff. Most of the styles I've come across were found on Etsy, Francesca's or ShopJeen.com.