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Style icons

Browsing around the internet today, I came across Forever21's website. At the bottom of their homepage on the right hand side it says to shop their 5 style icon pics. What Forever 21 did was pick their five favorite fashion bloggers and had them choose things from the new fall line that they liked best. You can scroll through and see all of the bloggers, and then literally shop for what they 'picked.' In essence, Forever 21 created mini boutiques for each of the bloggers which you can shop from on the site. I think this is a pretty interesting concept, and one that would benefit both Forever 21 and the bloggers chosen. They did a good job of picking interesting and popular bloggers, as I recognized most of them. I also liked that all of the bloggers had their own individual and unique styles, so their 'pics' were all very different. Also, be sure to watch the behind the scenes video of all the girls during the Forever 21 photo shoot.

The bloggers they picked were:

Emily from cupcakesandcashmere

Rumi from fashiontoast

Louise from MissPandora

Minnie from TheStylishWanderer

Kelly from TheGlamourai