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A Sketch for You


Did you miss me? -- I missed you! It has been quite a while since my last post. Lots of exciting things have happened for me and I hope that more are yet to come! I started a couple new career ventures and have been spending most of my days hard at work. I am so excited with all that I am doing! However, I have neglected my blog and that's just not right. So I finally have worked some time into my schedule to devote to my posts. To start us off, here is a sketch I did earlier this week. I was inspired by a couple different fall jeans spreads I saw in a magazine. I chose to use warm autumn tones and I think it turned out well. I changed the coloring and had some fun with it -- I love using colored pencils! They give such a great texture -- especially in this case.

Please tell me what you think and stay posted for more updates and photos coming this weekend!


All the best,