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My Favorite Sunglasses of the Summer


Eye see you...




Gold in Bloom

If you hadn't noticed yet, gold jewelry is back in fashion in a huge way. In the past I had favored silver or white gold, but recently that has all changed. I have personally found myself radiating to all kinds of golden jewelry over the last few months and have come up with quite a collection. Whether it's chunky gold bracelets, rose gold watches or little delicate flaxen treasures, there are so many ways to successfully sport this trend. 


Long story short, I decided to do a mini photo shoot with some of my most favorite finds, hidden within the blooms of our rooftop garden. Since this trend will be all over this spring and summer, I thought it appropriate to use a background full of flora. Hopefully these pieces will inspire you to jump on the gold-accessory-bandwagon too! Below, I have listed where I bought all of my gold jewelry. Although most of the pieces were random finds, you can always look for something that is similar in style in a store near you, or perhaps even online. [You can also view these photos in a gallery by clicking here.]



1. leather studded bracelet - street vendor in SoHo 2. stone neclace - ann taylor 3. button bracelet - vintage shop in Athens, Ohio 4. egyptian ring - Houston, Texas 5. black ring - mall in Columbus, Ohio 6. & 7. chunky gold bracelets - vendor in midtown Manhattan 8. whistle and watch necklaces - vintage store in Columbus, OH called Cinda-Lou 9. winged necklace - street vendor in SoHo 10. zipper necklace - vintage store in Columbus, OH called Cinda-Lou 11. watch necklace (see above) 12. plastic and gold bracelet - art gallery in Columbus Circle 13. utilitarian bracelet - Madewell 14. 'flute' shaped necklace - Madewell 15. rose gold studded watch - Macy's




Neon Nation

This spring is one of the most colorful we have had in a while. With bright color trends, full of neons and other bold hues, there are a lot of great colors to work with. The leader in all things color, Pantone has their own Spring 2012 Color Report with shades such as: Tangerine Tango, Solar Power, Cockatoo and Cabaret just to name a few. And while these are some of the major colors we are seeing in stores everywhere this season, I think the most important trend is neons. And this look is especially brilliant when paired with neutrals, nudes or black and white. But you can also try wearing neons from head to toe for a all-out BOLD twist. Whether it's flourescent yellow, vivacious purple, fruity citron, neon pink, electric blue, kelly green, royal blue or construction cone orange, these show-stopping colors are making a huge impact on our springtime wardrobes.


I did a few little collages below to highlight some of my favorite neon finds that are in stores right now. [Just click on the corresponding number below to be taken to the item's website!] Whether it's a nail color, statement necklace, sandals, accessories, shirts, pants, skirts or dresses -- be sure to incorporate these fun-loving neons into your spring wardrobe. Not only will you be right on trend, you will also bring some bright pops of color into your day. {Also >> If you want some more neon inspiration, you can always visit my Pinterest page for more images! I've been posting a lot of neons lately!}


ONE TWO THREE : all three are from j. crew

FOUR : ciccio from madewell FIVE : minoux skyline necklace SIX : nails from new york magazine

SEVEN : jessica simpson sandals EIGHT : ann taylor blouse NINE : cambridge satchel company