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This article is long overdue, as I have been a big supporter of SERGIO + JAMES for quite a while now... A blend of the designers' names, Sergio Wonder and James Field, SERGIO + JAMES is an up and coming fashion line that is dedicated to superior craftsmanship and high quality. This label is the "brainchild" of the two designers, who had a chance meeting back in 2010 and haven't looked back since.


In my opinion, these two young men have come up with some very creative ideas, and have successfully and strategically marketed their designs to both men and women through their impeccable website. [The introduction to which is a video highlighting all of their signature jewelry and accessory pieces.] Currently consisting of bracelets, brooches, belt loops and necklaces, the distinct look of SERGIO + JAMES is hard to miss. And most pieces are available in black, red and natural colors. "Hand sanded, hand painted and hand glossed," describes most of the line and the wooden 'Jo' pendant that is a motif seen throughout the collection. It even appears in the design of their logo. By visiting their website, you can also access SERGIO + JAMES' online shop. Here, all of the pieces are available to purchase at prices affordable for 'real people.'


I highly recommend paying close attention to this duo, as they are sure to continue rising through the industry ranks. Although, keeping track of them shouldn't be too hard, as you can always catch up with them via their YouTube channel where they regularly upload video updates.



I haven't really discussed any other fashion blogs in quite some time, so I figured I should go ahead and review one of my new-found favorites! Perhaps something the internet, and the fashion world in general, is lacking is an emphasis on men's fashion. I know that a lot of people don't tend to put much, if any, stock into men's clothing, or think that fashion and trend setting is strictly for women -- but this could not be further from the truth. And no one does a better job of celebrating men's international street wear than 'Men in this Town' -- "a street style journal profiling men with a distinct look in their natural habitat," created by designer/photographer Giuseppe Santamaria.


I often find myself getting lost for large sums of time perusing through page after page of Santamaria's impeccable photographs. Originally from Toronto, the talented Santamaria now lives in Sydney and takes photos of men on the street that he comes across on his travels wearing some very exceptional outfits. He also shoots videos and even interviews men from time to time to ask them specifically about what they are wearing and why [a link to one of my favorite videos is below]. All of the content on his blog is stunning and fashionably intriguing, and truly allows you to appreciate good men's wear when you see it! I highly advise you to check out this blog and keep it in your favorites, as you never know where Santamaria will be or what handsomely dressed man will appear on his blog next...


VIDEO: Andrew -- Shoemaker from Paddington







"Colour and texture in Chelsea." via http://www.meninthistown.com/