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Rapunzel, rapunzel...

Lately, there has been a huge surge of braids (or 'plaits') all over the runways and across the web. From high-end designers to the pin boards of Pinterest, these classic hairstyles are making a big splash. While braids have always been a good go-to hairstyle for warm weather, they have become a huge trend this year and I think will continue to be a major style throughout the spring and summer. From perfect braids, to messy braids, long braids, intricate braids or braided up-dos, the options seem to be limitless. BellaSugar did a story on Fashion Week messy braids from designers like Ann Yee to Creatures of the Wind. The story spotlights braids that spiral around the models' entire head, low ponytail braids, upside down braids, criss-cross 'headband' braids and messy braided chignons.


Aside from the runways, braided 'how-tos' and artsy pics have been bursting all over the internet on sites like Pinterest and on numerous fashion blogs. So I figured that I would pick my favorites and try to replicate them myself. [Either with my own hair or with my model's hair.] Below are the braids that I've done and the inspiration photo that I worked from -- ENJOY!


 **Also, if you want to learn how to do any of the below braids, just click on the name of the braid to link to a step-by-step tutorial. I did some searching and found videos that I thought were the most helpful and straightforward. Or you can always search the name of the braid in YouTube and thousands of step-by-step tutorials will pop up! But if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to comment below with your questions and I will help you out the best I can.


[TIP: For messy braids, you can run your hands over the braid and/or pull out random strands to give it a tousled look.]

















THE MODIFIED WATERFALL BRAID (there are many different ways to end this braid)




REGULAR REVERSE FRENCH BRAID [with invisible bobby pin end]